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Read our research and analysis on economics, trends and sustainability as well as technologies and tips that will help you improve your profitability and farm management.

Profitability, economics and research

Topics covered in this section:

Dairy economic research

Read our fact sheets and bulletins about our collaborative initiative that analyses the impact of changes in the operating environment, including the profitability of different feeding systems and labour saving options. Read more

Dairy milk supply trends

Read our report analysing the impact of changes to farm milk supply patterns across Victoria and its impact on farm profit. Read more

Sustainability farm profitability report

Read our report prepared in conjunction with the Australia Dairy Industry Council on on-farm profitability. Read more

Farm business management research and reports

Access the latest research papers, conference proceedings, scientific articles and reports.  Read more


Major Initiatives

Focus Farms

Dairy Australia has established a network of Focus Farms to support farmer decision making.


DairyBase is a web-based tool that enables dairy farmers to measure and compare their farm business performance over time.

More Initiatives