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Farmers looking to take advantage of the high farmgate milk prices this season are being challenged by ongoing cost pressures and a dry weather outlook.

Farmers looking to take advantage of high farmgate milk prices this season continue to be challenged by ongoing cost pressures and variable conditions across the country.

In response Dairy Australia is focused on ensuring farmers have access to the best information possible around effective feeding and management options to make informed decisions as conditions unfold.

Dairy Australia’s self-assessment tool ‘My Summer Farm Strategy’ allows you to generate factsheets and resources specific for your farm operation through a short survey.

My Summer Farm Strategy ensures tailored information for current conditions so you can make the most of the milk price.

New factsheets and video content includes expert information on:

  • Keeping cows on the curve feeding little or no pasture
  • Buying, storing and delivering feed to cows this season
  • Planning your forage strategy for summer
  • Stock water – supply, cow access and quality
  • Preparing for a long, hot summer
  • Feeding strategy for maximum profit

Dairy Australia’s regional teams will focus on providing support – delivering tools and resources to guide decisions on-farm in relation to feed planning and management.

Regional activities are also being promoted through industry networks and communications direct to dairy farmers to assist in on-farm decision making this season.

For more information visit: feed.dairyaustralia.com.au/making-the-most-of-the-milk-price.

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