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Learn about how you can implement successful transition feeding programs pre-calving and achieve dramatic reductions in milk fever and other cow health problems around calving, and improve your milk production and fertility.

Transition cow management

Transition cow management has been one of the most significant advances in dairy nutrition and production worldwide in the last 20 years. It provides farmers with a major opportunity to improve cow health, milk production and reproductive performance.

Many Australian dairy farmers have implemented successful transition feeding programs pre-calving and reported dramatic reductions in milk fever and other cow health problems around calving, and improvements in milk production and fertility.

But many other farmers haven'€™t yet got on board. So Dairy Australia'€™s Grains2Milk and InCalf programs have joined forces to support the adoption of effective transition cow management programs across the Australian dairy industry.
The result is the following publication - an extensive review of transition cow management.

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Transition cow management (PDF, 2.2MB)

Review for nutritionalists, vets and farm advisers. There have been major advances in understanding the needs of the transition cow and the use of transition feeding programs pre-calving in just the past few years. Given this, we felt that the first thing needed was an extensive technical review on transition cow management. The result is this publication, which is the most extensive review of transition cow management ever undertaken, drawing on more than 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers. It provides an up-to-date technical resource for nutritional professionals, veterinarians and farm advisers on the many aspects of transition cow management, and serves as the technical foundation for additional adviser and farmer information resources being developed by Grains2Milk and InCalf.

Checklist for transition cow management (PDF ,147KB)

Checklist to accompany the above report and help farmers undertake effective transition cow management.

Transition program review worksheet (PDF, 856KB)

Review sheet

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