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We offer guidance on how you can prepare for fire threats, including a range of plans and videos designed to minimise the impact of fire on your business.

Preparing for fire threats

A number of Australian dairy regions sit in the most fire-prone areas in the world. Out of the fire season, use our Dairy Farm Fire Plan (PDF, 3.4MB), early to best protect your family, staff, livestock, dairy and machinery from all types of fire threat.

Gippsland's dairy farmers share the lessons they learned during the 2009 bushfires, in the Preparing your dairy farm for fire threat toolkit (PDF, 1.1MB), produced by Dairy Australia and the CFA.
By using this toolkit and/or the Dairy farm fire plan (PDF, 3.4MB), you can create your own fire preparation plan. The toolkit helps you to develop a fire preparation plan using the following three steps:

  1. Preparation: fuel breaks, power options and livestock, feed and machinery management
  2. Response : putting preparation into action
  3. Recovery : getting back to normal as soon as possible

The video below takes you through planning tips step by step.

More detailed fire planning resources, including a Fire Fighting Equipment for Farms brochure and information about FireReady Victoria meetings, are available at your local CFA office or www.cfa.vic.gov.au

A bushfire can also affect your power supply. Preparing for power outages (PDF, 203kb) helps you develop a contingency plan that will save time and keep the dairy operational during a power outage.

If the power does go out, our tips for Milking through power outages (PDF, 178kb) will help minimise recovery efforts by keeping the farm working during a prolonged power disruption.

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