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Preparing for dry conditions 

Watching seasonal and long term forecasts lets you plan ahead for dry conditions. The Bureau of Meteorology website provides updates on seasonal outlooks. Our Climate Toolkit also has some useful resources.

Preparing for dry conditions is part of managing your farm business. Our resources on Farm business management can help you prepare.

Managing feed

When conditions are looking dry, plan a feed budget and think about alternative options for fodder. Use this Feed Budgeting template (PDF, 221kb) when planning your budgets.

We also have some useful reports on farm inputs. The Hay and Grain report tracks feed prices locally and nationally and is updated weekly. The Production Inputs Monitor provides a monthly update on farm input costs including water, hay, grain and fertiliser.

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Along with preparing for dry conditions make sure you are also Preparing for bushfire and thinking about Managing in hot conditions.

Major Initiatives

Focus Farms

Dairy Australia has established a network of Focus Farms to support farmer decision making. Find out how Focus Farms looks at the factors impacting decisions at any point in time, including seasonal and market conditions.


DataGene is an independent and industry-owned organisation responsible for driving genetic gain and herd improvement in the Australian dairy industry and is an initiative of Dairy Australia and industry.

More Initiatives