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YDNA works across the regions to support local networks of young dairy farmers. Find out what's in it for you and how you can get involved.

About YDNA

YDNA logo smallThe Young Dairy Network Australia (YDNA) is a project of Dairy Australia that works across the regions to support local networks of young dairy farmers and employees.

Each dairy region provides support and organised activities designed to support you and your development in the industry.

YDNA is all about backing the next generation of young people in the industry who will advance the industry with innovation and vision.



What’s in it for you?

Participate in any of the YDN activities in your region including farm walks, social events, workshops, leadership programs and tours

Get involved in running your network and gain skills in leadership and organisation

Opportunities for support to attend national dairy events

Connect with other young farmers from other regions

Each regional network has local young farmers involved ensuring the right activities happen for your region.

How to get involved:

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Contact your regional coordinator and fill in the online membership form or visit us on Facebook

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Visit our Regional Networks

  • Copy Link Dairy NSW YDN

    Dairy NSW YDN

    Dairy NSW is currently developing sub-regional networks to support and foster the development of young people in the industry.

    The networks will undertake activities that develop and build the capacity of young dairy farmers, retain and attract young people to the industry and develop the community through strong social networks and increasing the participation of young people.

    Visit the Dairy NSW YDN Facebook page here.

    Contact the NSW YDN Regional Coordinators

    Mid North Coast Adam Cooke 0409 573 655 
    South Coast & Highlands  Michaela Jeffrey 0404 447 371 
    Far South Coast  Jessica Pearce 0439 448 462 
    Central West & Inland TBA - contact Greg Duncan 0439 448 462 
    Emily Neilson 0402 830 190 
    Regional YDN Supervisor 
    Greg Duncan 0477 044 047 

  • Copy Link Gippsland YDN

    Gippsland YDN

    The Gippsland YDN organises events to develop your dairy farm knowledge and skills, improve the information flow to young people, provide leadership opportunities and to satisfy social essentials via a strong network of over 400 young people. Events may include dinners, discussion groups, farm visits, tours, guest speakers and seminars on specific topics such as share farming. You may like to suggest an idea or a topic.

    The YDN Regional Coordinator is based at the GippsDairy Office. Local Advisory Committees (LACs) operate throughout the region to identify different needs and organise events to meet these needs.

    Visit the GippsDairy website for more information or check out the Facebook page.

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    Contact the Gippsland YDN Regional Coordinator

    Sarah Cornell     0437 400 316

  • Copy Link Murray Dairy YDN

    Murray Dairy YDN

    The focus of the Murray Dairy YDN is to enhance the future viability of the dairy industry within the Murray Dairy Region by supporting young people to develop capacity and capability to succeed in their chosen industry role. 

    The Murray Dairy YDN was established to meet the needs of the younger generation of dairy farmers, employees and service providers within the Murray Dairy region.

    Investing in professional and personal development of young people in the dairy industry and the service sector will ensure profitable businesses and capacity and capability for the future.

    Key objectives:

    • Creating a supportive network environment where young farmers can act autonomously, share challenges and successes and boost morale through peer and industry support.
    • Developing the technical knowledge and skills YDN members require to make informed decisions in their business, careers and development pathways.
    • Communicating and building relationships with and providing access to key industry stakeholders, agribusiness and government contacts that can assist them to develop their dairy careers, business and leadership skills.
    • Providing strong education and professional development programs to advance the skills and abilities of all young people within the dairy industry in Murray Dairy region.
    • Developing the communication and leadership skills of members to fulfill key roles in the dairy industry and community.
    • Keeping YDN members informed of industry developments, best management practice and principles related to dairy farm business management through meetings, seminars, workshops and regular communications.

    For more information on the Murray Dairy YDN please visit our Murray Dairy Young Dairy Network page or visit the Murray Dairy YDN Facebook page.

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    Contact the Murray Dairy YDN Regional Coordinator

    Harriet Bawden 0488 787 849

  • Copy Link South Australia YDN

    South Australia YDN

    The South Australia YDN was developed to provide training, education and social interaction opportunities for young people in South Australia working in the dairy industry, with a particular focus on the development of young dairy farmers. This is achieved through regional discussion groups, study tours, workshops, forums and specific training.

    Established in 2009, the South Australia YDN through DairySA has delivered hugely successful events and activities for young dairy farmers including the Moovers & Shakers statewide forum, Making Milk Solid Business workshop series, iDairy international study tour and documentary, Dairy Business Bootcamp, plus numerous special dinner events, tours, dairy discussion groups and regular e-newsletters.

    The South Australia YDN welcomes input and feedback from young dairy farmers across the state on the activities, events and training they want or need for their development. Please contact the Coordinator to get involved in the young dairy farmer network if you're currently not receiving information or if you have ideas on what you'd like to see happen for young people in your industry.

    The South Australia YDN also has a Facebook page with updates on upcoming events, training and other important industry information.

    Contact the South Australia YDN Coordinator

    Rebecca HehirĀ 

    0418 951 324

  • Copy Link Subtropical YDN

    Subtropical Dairy YDN

    Representing young farmers in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, the Subtropical Dairy YDN was established to enhance the viability of the dairy industry by supporting its young people. Membership is made up of young farmers who are adapters and seekers of information.

    With six regions across the two states, local coordinators work with their local young farmers to deliver social and training activities.

    For more information visit www.dairyinfo.biz or visit the Subtropical YDN Facebook page.

    Regional Coordinator Contacts

    Far North Qld
    Brie Bratfield  0448 245 894 
    Darling Downs  Alicia Richters  0427 916 650 
    South East Qld  Alicia Richters  0427 916 650
    Sunshine Coast Kylie Dennis  0456 191 965 
    NSW Far North Coast
    Alicia Richters
    0427 916 650 
    NSW Mid North Coast 
    Heath Cook  0477 047 960 
    Acting Program Manager  Dr Brad Granzin  0431 197 479 


  • Copy Link Tasmania YDN

    Tasmanian YDN

    Tasmania's Young Dairy Network operates across the three main dairy regions; Northeast, Central and Northwest/Circular Head.

    The Network is a collaborative effort amongst industry stakeholders within the state.

    The group's aim to:

    • Assist the next generation of dairy farmers to further develop their skill sets.
    • Assist younger farmers in dealing with issues specific to their needs.
    • Bring young dairy people together
    • Provide inspiration to younger farmers and new entrants to stay within the industry
    • Ensure the young farmer network has a role to support the Tasmanian dairy industry

    Visit the Tasmanian YDN Facebook page.

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    Contact the Tasmanian YDN Regional Coordinator

    Jacki Hine

    0429 698 168

  • Copy Link Western Dairy YDN

    Western YDN

    The Western Dairy YDN operates out of the Western Dairy Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) Hub in Bunbury and is coordinated by Jessica Andony. Jessica divides her time between technical duties on several of Western Dairy's research projects, a range of extension activities and the role of coordinating events for young dairy farmers.

    Jessica is a fountain of energy and great ideas and has driven a fresh wave of momentum through the network, with a bag full of activities planned.

    She is a big advocate of study tours to make sure young people expand their ideas and networks by seeing how other dairy regions operate. She works hard to overcome the cost hurdle of study tours by actively seeking sponsorship to help alleviate the cost. As soon as you get on a plane from Perth its going to cost you a lot as we are a long way from anywhere but that doesn't stop us, says Jessica.

    The Network has grown significantly under Jessica's management and her ambition is to make sure every young person working on a dairy farm in WA joins the group.

    We only have about 160 dairy farm businesses in WA so we are a small community of farmers, but that doesn't mean that everyone knows one another, as we are a very spread out region geographically.

    The formation of the Young Dairy Network with the support from Dairy Australia has meant that we have been able to bring our young farmers together. Having an interesting range of YDN activities to choose from means we are well placed to reach out to everyone.

    Join the Western Dairy YDN Facebook group.

    Contact the Western Dairy YDN Regional Coordinator

    Jessica Andony


    08 9724 2420

  • Copy Link WestVic YDN

    WestVic YDN

    WestVic YDN with the support of the national Young Dairy Network Australia (YDNA) endeavors to enable and develop the next generation of dairy leaders to ensure the viability of this great dairy region into the future by:

    • Undertaking study tours and farm walks;
    • Access to training, discussion groups & workshops;
    • Designing and administering industry events;

    Connections with WestVic Dairy and other governing bodies. Prospective members have the opportunity to join their Local Area Committees (LACs):

    • East - Colac, Gellibrand, Lavers Hill, Irrewarra, Beeac, Deans Marsh, Birregurra, Irrewillipe and Swan Marsh
    • Central Corangamite -Camperdown, Timboon, Simpson, Princetown, Terang, Cobden, Noorat and Ecklin
    • Central Warrnambool- Port Fairy, Allansford, Koroit, Hawkesdale, Dennington, Kirkstall, Grassmere
    • West - Glenelg, Portland, Heywood, Macarthur, Bessiebelle, Drumborg

    LACs consist of between 5 -10 young farmers and service providers and have the support of a regional coordinator.

    Visit the WestVic YDN Facebook page.

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    Contact the WestVic YDN regional coordinator

    Heidi Van Es 

    0459 227 337


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