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Current GippsDairy projects. Each project reflects our strategic priorities: Profitable & Sustainable Farms, a Reputable & Vibrant Industry, and Capable & Professional People. Projects are listed by Focus Area.


Focus Area:

Animal Health & Fertility



Cups On Cups Off

Accredited training, 2 day workshop (over 2 weeks), DA approved trainer with RTO assessor

Euthanase Livestock

Accredited training, 1 day workshop, Trainer TBC

InCharge Fertility Program

5 day workshop over 5 weeks,

Trainers: DA approved Vets

Transition Cow Management

1 day workshop included within the InCharge Fertility program

Trainers: DA approved Vets

Heifers on Target

Will be aimed at but not limited to Discussion Groups (DG’s) and Focus Farm (FF) support groups

Rearing Healthy Calves 

1 day workshop

Trainer(s): DA approved vets

To be run on 5 February at Foster, South Gippsland

Healthy Hooves

Will be aimed at but not limited to Discussion Groups 

Facial Eczema 

Continuation of existing project
Project commenced December 2018. Updates emailed fortnightly.

Focus Area:

Farm Business Management

Gippsland Focus Farms Project


2 year term

Commencing July 2018

Completion Aug/Sept 2020

GippsDairy to co-ordinate the project

Discussion Group Support


DG activities - support the emergence of new discussion groups, increase the awareness and use of DA and RDP resources and tools, including Tactics resources and add value to discussion groups to benefit farmers and support decision making on farms

Dairy Farm Business Fundamentals


3 day workshop

Trainer(s): Dairy Consultants

Dairy Farm Business Analysis

3 day workshop

Trainer(s): Dairy Consultants

Setting Up the Office

1 day workshop

Will be aimed at but not limited to DG’s

Trainers: Accountants, Book keepers, Bankers, Consultants, Leah Maslen 

Meet the Banker


1 day workshop

Will be aimed at but not limited to DG’s

Trainer: Bankers, accountants


Focus Area:

Feedbase and Animal Nutrition



Feeding Pastures for Profit (FPFP)

Two days ‘up-front’ classroom style delivery plus 1 on farm group days over 10-12 months.

Each participant is entitled to a farm visit to support pasture rotation decisions.

Basic Nutrition

In development

Possible opportunity to pilot

Advanced Nutrition In Action (ANIA

5 day workshop

DA Approved trainers


Focus Area:

Land Water Carbon

Nutrient Management

Fert$mart courses

2 day workshop,

Trainer(s): Accredited Trainers

Soil testing and Nutrient Management Plan provided to each participant

Focus Area:

Capable People



Don Campbell Memorial Tour

The 5 day tour of northern Tasmanian dairy industry by a group of 10-14 young farmers

Young Dairy Network (YDN)

Co-ordinate the Local Advisory Committees (LAC’s)

Technical Extension event/activity

Social/Community event

Technical Extension event/activity

Social/Community event

Technical Extension event/activity

Social/Community event

Farm Safety Starter Kit

One day workshop (10.30-2.30pm) – getting started with farm safety  

Farm Safety Manual

 One day workshop

Taking Steps Share Farming, Leasing and Shared Equity 

One day workshop. Mechanics of share farming and leasing for owners and share farmers.


Our Farm, Our Plan

Our Farm, Our Plan is a new program designed to equip farmers to clarify their long term goals, identify the actions needed and to manage uncertainty and risk.

Hay and grain reports

The hay and grain report is commissioned by Dairy Australia to provide an independent and timely assessment of hay and grain markets in each dairying region. The report is updated 40 weeks per year.

More Initiatives