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The GippsDairy team use their research, administrative, technical and practical skills to deliver on our vision; to look after the interests of dairy farmers in our region.

Regional Manager/Executive Officer


Allan Cameron

GippsDairy's regional manager wants farmers to get value for their dairy service levy dollar. Allan, who has an agricultural science degree from Melbourne University as well as graduate diplomas in applied finance and financial planning, has most recently been working as a key account manager with Elders looking after corporate agribusiness clients and high net worth family farming businesses. With his strong financial background, Allan is keen to use GippsDairy's resources to further improve the financial literacy of dairy farmers, while also helping improve their capacity to grow grass and produce milk.

Executive Support Coordinator

Sallie Clynes

Sallie has a strong and diverse background in administration and is comfortable working across a wide range of activities. This includes everything from event and meeting organisation, board support, report writing and providing full admin assistance to the Regional Manager/Executive Officer and other GippsDairy staff.

Regional Extension Co-ordinator

Karen Romano

Karen is responsible for the delivery of GippsDairy's portfolio of projects to the Gippsland dairy industry and engaging with industry stakeholders to develop new projects. She is also responsible for the planning and delivery of industry events that address regional needs and showcase the dairy industry to current and future farmers.

Young Dairy Network Co-ordinator - Gippsland

Irene Baker

Gippsland YDN Co-ordinator, Irene Baker is located at the GippsDairy office. The role requires Irene to foster productive relationships with young people in dairying, particularly dairy farmers, those in the service industries and the public sector. Irene also supports the three Gippsland Local Advisory Committees at Maffra, Fish Creek and Warragul. Irene works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

Regional Extension Co-ordinator

Tony Platt

Tony's role works with industry and Gippsland dairy farmers to provide more coordinated extension that minimises duplication of effort and meets the needs of local farmers. He also contributes to evaluating the effectiveness of the extension delivered. Tony works with local farmer based extension committees, milk processors, NCDE and private extension providers to ensure that Gippsland dairy farmers have the information they need in a timely fashion to be as profitable and sustainable as they can be. Tony holds a Bachelor of Farm Business Management and a Masters in Environmental Science and has skills in Agronomy, Natural Resource Management and Extension.

Regional Extension Officer


Donna Gibson

Regional extension officer Donna Gibson has previous worked with the old DEPI as a technical officer in dairy soils and nutrient research and as a milk supply officer for milk processors.
Donna’s role at GippsDairy is across all extension activities, with an emphasis on Natural Resource Management.
With a Bachelor of Environmental Science, the NRM space is a natural fit for Donna, who sees programs like Fert$mart as integral to modern farming practice.
Donna believes that the key to promoting environmental best practice was selling the message of what’s good for the farm business can be good for the environment – and vice versa. 

Dairy Workforce Coordinator

Leah Maslen

GippsDairy's Dairy Workforce Coordinator Leah Maslen knows first-hand how valuable her job can be. During almost 20 years as a Westbury dairy farmer, Leah sometimes struggled to navigate her way through the farm employment maze. In hindsight, having a specialist Dairy Workforce Coordinator would have made her farm employment processes far less time consuming and stressful. Leah believes that her dairy experience, including share farming, leasing and hiring employees for a 400 cow farm, will help her assist farmers in developing up-to-date employment practices. 

Communications and Engagement Officer

Danny Buttler

Communications and engagement officer Danny Buttler comes to GippsDairy with wide experience in the world of media.
Danny has worked extensively in the industry, ranging from small independent newspapers, to a metropolitan daily newspaper, country newspapers and regional television before moving into corporate communications.
The role of the communications and engagement officer is to promote the activities of GippsDairy, help engage farmers and service providers in programs that benefit the industry and to help farmers access information that can help grow their farm business.

Major Initiatives

Focus Farms

Dairy Australia has established a network of Focus Farms to support farmer decision making.


DairyBase is a web-based tool that enables dairy farmers to measure and compare their farm business performance over time.

More Initiatives