GippsDairy Young Dairy Network

The Gippsland YDN works to develop your dairy farm knowledge and skills, provide leadership opportunities and connects a network of more than 400 young people.

The Gippsland YDN organises events to develop your dairy farm knowledge and skills, improve the information flow to young people, and provide leadership opportunities. It also help you to build a social and professional network with hundreds of young people in the Gippsland area.

Events may include dinners, discussion groups, farm visits, tours, guest speakers and seminars on specific topics such as share farming. Feel free to suggest an idea or a topic you think others might also be interested in.

The YDN Regional Coordinator is based at the GippsDairy Office. Local Advisory Committees (LACs) operate throughout the region to identify different needs and organise events to meet these needs.

For more information on the YDN Gippsland program, please contact Katherine Byrne or go to the GippsDairy YDN Facebook page.

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