Climate Change & Weather

Climate change is threatening key resources that support life on earth, with the impacts of global warming already being felt. This has been recognised by governments and industries all around the world.

The science of climate change is clear and the risks to Dairy Australia and the industry are material. Specifically, there are:

  • Risks to farm profitability
  • Corporate risks including fiduciary risk for boards and board members
  • Risks to accessing finance and insurance for producers
  • Risks to community trust for dairy producers and products

Australia is already the world's driest inhabited continent with the most variable climate. Climate change will exacerbate these conditions and the above risks to dairy. There is evidence that the 2040 scenarios for physical changes to climate are happening now in some dairy regions.

Adaptation is not an optional add-on for businesses. Demonstration of dairy's mitigation efforts is non-negotiable and should be a fundamental part of business planning.

The Australian dairy industry is committed to playing its part in ensuring a healthy climate through a new Climate Change Strategy, to be released in 2021.

 The strategy will help leverage current knowledge and empower leadership on approaches to adaptation and resilience, while also ensuring dairy is part of the global and domestic efforts to reduce the impact of climate change.

Responding to the risk of climate change includes both addressing exposure to climate change (acute and chronic physical impacts), as well as understanding the transitional costs (financial and legal requirements) required for a business to continue to operate in a global economy which is increasingly trending towards zero-carbon. Companies, organisations and enterprises at all levels of the industry will need to have access to information in order to determine their response to both physical and transitional climate impacts.

Dairy Australia and the wider industry will work on-farm, in manufacturing and in distribution to find and enable smart, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to meet dairy farmer's adaptation challenges as well as industry targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Dairy Australia's climate change and energy portfolio is building on a wealth of knowledge and insights developed through previous research studies in this space. The industry is not starting from scratch in terms of responding to climate change. Dairy farmers have been adapting and implementing novel approaches to farming system challenges for decades.

Dairy Climate Toolkit

An overview of the Dairy Climate Toolkit and links to further pages and resources on how dairy businesses can adapt to climate change and reduce emissions.

Extreme Weather

Resources for dairy farmers to help manage climate risk, including extreme events and climate change.

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