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People, Skills and Capability

Dairy careers

As the dairy industry continues to evolve and farm businesses become larger, there are many opportunities for those interested in agriculture to forge a successful and rewarding career. There is a diverse range of careers available in the dairy industry in areas such as animal management, feed and nutrition, farm business management, plant production and environmental sustainability.

A Career in Dairy

An overview of the resources and programs Dairy Australia offers and supports for those seeking a career in the dairy industry.

Training and development

Dairy Australia provides resources and course content to registered training providers to educate and develop skills and capabilities for people entering and those within the industry.

Training and Development

An overview of the training and development opportunities supported by Dairy Australia for both employees and employers as well as industry service providers.

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Our Farm Our Plan

Transition has a different meaning to everyone. This will depend on your situation, what your personal and business goals are and what success looks like to you.

The key and first step in transition - regardless of your situation - is having a clear view of long term business and personal goals. This helps to make better decisions, especially the big decisions. Our Farm Our Plan program is designed to equip farmers to clarify their long term goals, identify the actions needed and to manage uncertainty and risk.

Transition and succession planning is also about having the right team and expertise around you, knowing how to communicate with your family and in your farm business, and being aware of the options that relate to your situation.

Our Farm, Our Plan

Our Farm, Our Plan is a new program designed to equip farmers to clarify their long term goals, prioritise and identify actions needed, and to manage uncertainty and risk.

Employing and Managing People

Resources and tips for dairy farm owners and managers in managing employees, includi…

Farm Safety and Wellbeing

Strategies and easy-to-use resources to manage farm safety including employee health and wellbeing. 

The People in Dairy

Dairy offers a number of different business structures and approaches including share dairy farming, leasing (cows and/or land) and shared equity arrangements for both those looking to step up and grow, and those wanting to decrease their active involvement.

The People in Dairy

Read about the options available and access industry specific checklists, tools and templates.

Farm Business Training and Extension

Dairy Australia delivers farm business training and extension in all regions through Regional Development Programs.


The Employment Starter Kit (ESKi) provides easy access to the information & documents you need to start employing someone.

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