International Market Briefs

Dairy Australia's International Market Briefs help stakeholders to stay informed of changing export conditions.

The briefs outline export conditions and access in Australia's key dairy export markets. These briefs are concise factsheets covering the latest developments and market conditions in important overseas markets.


China is Australia's largest market for dairy and continues to grow in value. Australia's reputation for quality and food safety remain important for Chinese consumers.


Japan is a high-value, stable and mature market for dairy imports and remains one of Australia's most important export markets.


Korea imports large volumes of cheese, whey and milk powders. As the Korean dairy industry generally produces packaged milk, there is strong demand for imported processed dairy products.


Indonesia is Australia's nearest neighbour and has the world's fourth largest population. As a growing importer of dairy, Indonesia is becoming increasingly important for Australian exporters.


Malaysia is an important market for exporters as demand for dairy has grown strongly over the past five years. A sugar tax on flavoured milks and other beverages has recently been introduced which is affecting exporters of these products.


In the Philippines, a large proportion of the population lives below the poverty line which traditionally has created a small market for premium dairy products. However, as the economy expands, demand for dairy has increased.


Vietnam is one of South East Asia’s fastest growing economies, with demand for dairy increasing over the past five years. Dairy is widely considered to be nutritional and essential food but sells at a significant premium.


Dairy consumption has grown strongly in Thailand over the past five years. Ultra heat treated milk remains the largest dairy segment and is usually sold in smaller pack sizes.


Singapore is a small and highly developed island entirely dependent on imports of dairy. It plays an important role as a port from where Australian dairy is re-exported to the rest of Asia.


  • Market Brief China

    (09 July 2020)
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  • Market Brief Japan

    (09 July 2020)
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  • Market Brief Korea

    (09 July 2020)
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  • Market Brief Indonesia

    (09 July 2020)
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  • Market Brief Malaysia

    (09 July 2020)
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  • Market Brief Philippines

    (09 July 2020)
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  • Market Brief Vietnam

    (09 July 2020)
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  • Market Brief Thailand

    (09 July 2020)
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  • Market Brief Singapore

    (09 July 2020)
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