Information for Farm Owners & Employees

How to reduce COVID-19 risk on-farm

The Australian Governments are regularly reviewing restrictions and vaccination requirements in response to the changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, Dairy Australia has reviewed the industry guidance for dairy farmers and updated the Dairy COVID Directory.

COVIDSafe template for dairy business continuity 

All dairy businesses must implement a COVIDSafe plan (a mandatory health and safety measure). Use this downloadable guide, personalised for dairy farmers, to update or build your COVIDSafe plan now. 

  • Dairy farm COVIDSafe plan template

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Farm employer responsibilities & financial support

Please note requirements in each state can change very quickly. For this reason, we have provided the below links to each relevant state website for the relevant information.

COVID-19 financial support for small business

If you're a sole trader or small business, there may be COVID-19 financial assistance available to you. Find the latest government support relevant to your state or territory through the whole of government COVID-19 support website portal here: COVID-19 financial support for small business |


  • COVID-19 Essential Services for the Dairy Sector Farm and Milk Processors 10 Jan 2021

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  • COVID 19 Fast facts for preventing the spread on farm 10 Jan 2022

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  • COVID 19 Preventing the spread during milking 27March2020

    PDF207.22 KB
  • COVID 19 Guidelines for farm milk collection 10 Jan 2022

    PDF118.25 KB
  • COVID 19 Checklist for disinfecting the dairy 10 Jan 2022

    PDF40.95 KB
  • COVID 19 Physical distancing for service providers on farm 27March2020

    PDF158.41 KB
  • COVID 19 Quick checklist for farms 10 Jan 2022

    PDF183.56 KB
  • COVID 19 Mitigating the risk for business owners 10 Jan 2022

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  • COVID 19 Checklist for farms affected by a positive diagnosis 10 Jan 2022

    PDF190.74 KB
  • COVID 19 Farm set up to prevent the spread 10 Jan 2022

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  • COVID 19 Dairy farm biosecurity

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Seminar #1 – Farm sector (27/8/21)
Seminar #2 - Farm sector (31/8/21)
Practical advice around COVID-19 and your farm

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