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What to do when an employee tests positive for COVID-19

Last reviewed on 13 January 2022 

The Australian Governments are regularly reviewing restrictions and vaccination requirements in response to the changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, Dairy Australia has reviewed the industry guidance for dairy farmers and updated the Dairy COVID Directory. 

With this in mind, Dairy Australia and the ADPF have updated the industry guidance for dairy processors – in a downloadable format – ensuring the information can be kept up-to-date and tailored to issues as they arise.

Guidance is divided into two sections – ‘Preparing for COVID’ and ‘Responding to and re-opening from a COVID incident’ reflecting the different risks being experienced by dairy processors across the country.

A list of topics is provided at the start and web-links are included throughout the document, taking you to the latest information in your State or Territory from a range of government and private sector providers.

  • COVID Guidance for Manufacturers PDF370.81 KB

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