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Manufacturing Sustainability

In 2012, the Australian Dairy Industry Council supported the development of a whole-of-industry Sustainability Framework and has subsequently produced a number of reports outlining performance. The Australian dairy industry promise is to provide nutritious food for a healthier world and our Sustainability Framework outlines our commitments to achieve this promise. We measure and publicly report our progress against our sustainability commitments.

Since 2005, on behalf of the Dairy Manufacturers Sustainability Council (DMSC), Dairy Australia has tracked the manufacturing sector’s performance against several key environmental indicators and highlighted initiatives supporting improvement.

Manufacturing sustainability reports

These reports communicate the Australian dairy manufacturing sector’s annual environmental performance with respect to a number of indicators. Australian dairy manufacturers have set 2030 sustainability targets for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity, consumptive water intensity and waste-to-landfill intensity.

The latest annual reports track progress against these targets as well as seeking to gradually introduce additional performance indicators and targets – such as wastewater intensity and energy intensity.

  • 2019/20 Environmental Sustainability scorecard

    PDF1.45 MB

Previous reports

  • 2018/19 Environmental Sustainability scorecard

    PDF1.34 MB
  • 2017/18 Environmental Sustainability scorecard

    PDF6.66 MB
  • 2016/17 Environmental Sustainability scorecard

    PDF6.02 MB
  • 2015/16 Environmental Sustainability scorecard

    PDF4.77 MB
  • 2014/15 Environmental Sustainability scorecard

    PDF2.53 MB
  • 2010/11 Environmental Sustainability scorecard

    PDF683.23 KB
  • 2007/08 Environmental Sustainability scorecard

    PDF1.33 MB
  • 2004/05 Environmental Sustainability scorecard

    PDF724.07 KB

Australian Dairy Sustainable Packaging Roadmap

Executive Summary and Full Report

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