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Future Focus Dairy Industry Strategy - Murray region 2019

Future Focus is a plan for the dairy industry in the Murray region. The goal is clear: a strong, confident, agile and forward-looking industry. An industry that transforms challenges into opportunities, is profitable, and continues to support the communities that depend on its prosperity. 

The Future Focus report identifies trends, challenges and opportunities under six key areas: profit, systems, water, people, planning and promotion. Under each of these key themes, goals and strategies have been identified to coordinate effort and guide investment. 

Future Focus provides directions for all organisations working for the good of dairy in the region including industry, local government and state agencies. 

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Defining future dairy industry services sector skills 

Last year the three Victorian RDPs, with support of Dairy Australia, the Gardiner Foundation and the Victorian Government’s Regional Skills Fund, undertook a research project to identify future skills requirements across the dairy supply chain.

The project aimed to address some of the identified challenges and opportunities we hear about from the industry such as: attracting and retaining staff in dairy; promoting roles in the dairy industry as a career of choice; and upskilling our workforce for future needs of the industry.

Through a series of consultations in each of the three Victorian dairy regions with farmers, service providers and other industry stakeholders, the project has identified some key actions and focus areas for effort and investment. 

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Our Farm, Our Plan

Our Farm, Our Plan is a new program designed to equip farmers to clarify their long term goals, identify the actions needed and to manage uncertainty and risk.

Hay and grain reports

The hay and grain report is commissioned by Dairy Australia to provide an independent and timely assessment of hay and grain markets in each dairying region. The report is updated 40 weeks per year.

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