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The Accelerating Change project aims to support farmers to develop profitable and resilient businesses through driving feedbase and irrigation management efficiencies.

Accelerating Change

The Accelerating Change project supports farmers to develop profitable and resilient businesses through driving efficiencies in feedbase and irrigation management. The project provides the information to support the development of resilient and profitable feedbase systems in the Murray Dairy region. This is achieved through three program areas:

  1. Monitoring and measurement program
    Collecting and analysing the data that measures on-farm performance including; different forage types, irrigation and water efficiency strategies, and feedbase management.
  2. Innovative extension program 
    Developing and piloting new extension and learning activities to assist farmers in identifying and implementing changes to their feedbase, driving efficiency and profitability.
    We work with participating farmers, the service sector, other RD&E organisations and the wider industry to identify what these regional changes are.
  3. Regionally specific industry analysis program 
    Reporting on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges (SWOC) of the operating environment for farmers in the Murray Dairy region. Nationally-relevant results are then shared with other dairy regions.
    The program looks at the operating environment from an industry perspective, but also from a farm-to-farm perspective, recognising the variability in resources, climate and market conditions and farm systems across the region or in different seasons. 

The learnings and information developed is produced by working collaboratively with the following stakeholders:

  • Partner Farmers
  • Contributing farmers from across the region
  • Service providers
  • Researchers, and
  • Other Industry stakeholders who have a vested interest in the projects outcome. 


Accelerating Change has delivered activities and produced resources covering the following areas

Forage Types

This research answers the question - 
Which forage types are suited to the operating environment, the season, your feedbase system and your business goals?

We do this through:

  • Monitoring and measuring on our Partner Farms, gaining insights into the performance and cost of different forage types in the region
  • Calibration of pasture measurement technology
  • A Lucerne Masterclass to optimise management and production of lucerne on irrigated dairy farms 

Explore the project's forage type research on the Accelerating Change website. 


Flexible Feeding Systems for All Seasons

This research answers the question - 
How do you build flexibility into your feeding system to respond to climate and market volatility without over-investing in infrastructure?

Drawing together information to help you manage your feedbase profitably through:

  • Case studies of different farm systems shifting through pasture-based, PMR and TMR strategies



This research answers the question - 
What are the limiting factors in your soil, and how do you identify and address them to optimise production in a cost-effective way?

Developing processes to evaluate and act on your farm by:

  • Soil Constraints Road Trip
  • Autumn Start-Up field days with soil pits
  • Soil pit demonstrations in Maize and Lucerne

 Explore the project's soil research on the Accelerating Change website.


Optimising Cropping

This research answers the questions -
Does cropping fit into my system? and
How do I optimise my chance of success of growing different crops effectively?

We’re conducting farm visits and delivering technical agronomic information to help you manage your risk through:

  • Three-part Successful Summer Cropping workshops and field days
  • Successful Winter Cropping workshop

 Explore the project's cropping research on the Accelerating Change website.


Irrigation Precision

This research answers the questions -
How have different types of irrigation infrastructure performed?
How will bays be designed in the future?
Can I improve my irrigation scheduling?
What technology will help me do this?

We're working with DEDJTR to get the following information to you:

  • Soil Moisture Monitoring Factsheets
  • On-farm trailing and calibration of soil moisture probes
  • Cotton Industry Innovation Tour
  • Irrigation strategy trials and results from our Partner Farms
  • ETO information to ground truth your scheduling

 Explore the projects water irrigation research on the Accelerating Change website.


Future Dairy Systems

This research answers the question -
What do future dairy systems look like for this region?

Using Accelerating Change farmers’ experiences to inform regional discussions with industry through:

  • Partnership in regional Dairy Industry Summit
  • Presentation at Murray Dairy Business Forum
  • Risk Management and Strategic Planning pilot program
  • Feedbase RD&E strategy


Service Provider Network

Recognising the value that service providers have on dairy farms, Accelerating Change is working with regional agronomists and service providers in feedbase to share information and skills, to build capability and to develop priorities for further RD&E.

Learn more about our Murray Dairy Agronomy Network.


If you're interested in the Agronomy Network, you can join our mailing list, please email 'Subscribe to Agronomy Network' to amyf@murraydairy.com.au

The learnings and information developed through the Accelerating Change program will be integrated into Murray Dairy’s development and extension work.

To read more about the project, events or to find resources, visit the Accelerating Change website.


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