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A toolkit to help farmers improve their understanding of factors influencing their access to water and assist in developing practical water purchasing strategies.

Water Trading Toolkit

Participating in the water market is now just part of doing business for most dairy farms in the Murray Dairy Region. Meaning irrigators need to develop the skills and knowledge to make informed water management decisions.

Use the Water Trading Toolkit to get a detailed understanding of factors influencing your farm's access to water and to develop practical water purchasing strategies. This toolkit was produced in 2015 and is reviewed annually with the input of farmers, government agencies, industry stakeholders and Dairy Australia.

Murray Dairy Water Trading Toolkit (PDF, 1.80 MB)

Contents include:

  • Water basics for the new irrigator
  • Irrigation system overview
  • Who owns what? Available water and seasonal allocations
  • Securing access to water
  • Water trading rules
  • Understanding water prices
  • Dealing with water brokers and trading paperwork

Supporting materials 

Water Trading Tool Kit - Fact Sheet 1 

Contents include:

  • Entitlements and allocations
  • Entitlement types
  • Taking delivery of water

Water Trading Tool Kit - Fact Sheet 2 

Contents include:

  • Water overview - entitlements in the MDB
  • Water sharing
  • Entitlement types
  • Yield verses reliability of entitlements

Water Trading Tool Kit - Fact Sheet 3 

Contents include:

  • How much and how often?
  • Seasonal allocations
  • Future inflow scenarios
  • Risk management strategies

Carryover (water trading) in Victoria - understanding the options and risks

Major Initiatives

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Dairy Australia has established a network of Focus Farms to support farmer decision making.


DairyBase is a web-based tool that enables dairy farmers to measure and compare their farm business performance over time.

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