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Regionally-specific feedbase tips and information for the Murray Dairy region.

Murray Dairy Feedbase

Seasonal feedbase information for your local region.


Winter cropping

Summer cropping

Optimising maize silage

Autumn feedbase

Water budget tool

Home grown feed calculator

Irrigation and pasture management

Winter cropping

Cereal crops are used in the Murray Dairy region to complement pastures through the winter period. Used effectively in a system, cereals can help to remediate soil constraints and control weeds. Cereals enable strategic use of irrigation water, being more tolerant of dry conditions than ryegrass. They are quick to graze and tolerate some grazing in wet conditions. Farmers in the region also cut cereal crops for hay and silage.

The key to optimising crop performance is preparation. Murray Dairy, with the support of the Accelerating Change project, has developed this guide for Winter Cereals, highlight key timing for decision-making and agronomic management.

Download the Winter Cropping Timeline.

For more information on winter and forage cereals, visit the winter cropping section of our Cropping page on the Murray Dairy Accelerating Change website.

Summer cropping

Plan your feedbase for your farm system and needs

Maize Summer cropping reminder 2017

Sorghum and Millet Summer cropping reminder 2017 

Hear from soil scientist, Christian Bannan about soil preparation for summer cropping 


Optimising Maize Silage through good harvest management

Read this article at the Accelerating Change Project - Successful Summer Cropping


Autumn feedbase

The following videos and fact sheets about the set up for your Autumn Feedbase, can help start a discussion with your business partners, advisers or peers, working together to develop an effective approach for autumn.

A tight cash flow for many businesses can make setting up plans for Autumn this more difficult to implement without discussion with service providers (agronomists, seed merchants, trading stores and financial institutions) about how your plan can be actioned considering the current cash flow situation.

Autumn Start-up
This handout from Murray Dairy and Agriculture Victoria includes information on feedbudgeting, water budgeting, soil preparation and agronomic considerations for a successful season.

Download the Autumn Start-up factsheet

Autumn Sowing
Lisa Birrell discusses sowing to temperature to maximise your autumn pasture growth.

Download the Autumn Sowing factsheet

Achieving successful pasture establishment
The basics of growing a profitable crop

Download the Achieving successful pasture establishment factsheet

Water Budget

A simple tool for calculating your water requirements for the season.

Download the Water Budget tool

Calculate the value of your home grown feed

This calculator helps determine the value of extra home grown feed.

You'll need the following information about your farm at hand:

  • Amount of purchased water used per hectare
  • Amount of extra feed grown and consumed per hectare from the water purchased
  • Value of alternative purchased feed of equal quality expressed in DM and including a 10% waste factor
  • Estimate of the total value you would expect to pay for temporary water including all fees and charges such as usage and transfer fees

Download the Home Grown Feed Calculator

Using irrigation water to establish pasture and crops
Discusses valuing water for autumn sowing
Time to watch: 3:39


Achieving successful pasture management
The basics of growing a good crop
Time to watch: 3:35




Major Initiatives

Focus Farms

Dairy Australia has established a network of Focus Farms to support farmer decision making.


DairyBase is a web-based tool that enables dairy farmers to measure and compare their farm business performance over time.

More Initiatives