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Fodder for the Future project trial sites

The Fodder for the Future project is a cross-sectoral collaboration designed to support the development of complementary farming systems that optimise the use of both irrigated and dryland resources across the southern Murray-Darling Basin. The project is led by Murray Dairy and its partners: Agriculture Victoria, Birchip Cropping Group, Irrigated Cropping Council, Melbourne University, Riverine Plains and Southern Growers.  

See below the trial sites that are involved in the project. Each site demonstrates the economic and biophysical performance of different cereal varieties.

  • Agriculture Victoria trial site - June 2021

    PDF275.17 KB
  • Birchip Cropping Group trial site - June 2021

    PDF296.19 KB
  • Irrigated Cropping Council trial site - June 2021

    PDF304.13 KB
  • Riverine Plains trial site - June 2021

    PDF286.96 KB
  • Southern Growers trial site - June 2021

    PDF279.07 KB
  • University of Melbourne trial site - June 2021

    PDF282.66 KB

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