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Latest hay and grain reports are now available

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Dairy Australia’s latest hay and grain reports are now available.

Some parts of the country are still experiencing dry conditions and fodder supplies are tight. With feed already a significant input on farm, our up-to-date information allows dairy farmers to monitor prices and availability all around Australia.

Rainfall has been below average nationally for the past months and demand for fodder has increased substantially. As winter continues and growth is slow, demand is expected to remain strong. A lot of hay is being transported around the country of varying quality and we recommend feed-testing fodder before purchase to ensure adequate quality.

Internationally, trade tensions between the United States and China remains a pressing issue for global grain trade. Declines in forecast wheat production continues to support international prices. Domestically, the lack of market liquidity is still one of the dominant themes with buyer and seller price expectations having diverged in recent weeks.

Access summaries, data and tables here:

3rd August, 2018 - Grain report

3rd August, 2018 - Hay report

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