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Director opportunities emerge

Western Dairy is seeking one farmer director for a three-year term, one farmer or non-farmer director with specialist skills for a three-year term, and one farmer director to fill a casual vacancy for a 12-month period. The positions will commence on 21 November 2019.

It is a requirement of the Western Dairy Constitution that at least two of the appointees to these positions must be owners or part-owners of a Western Australian dairy business that pays a levy to Dairy Australia.

Retiring director and current chair Vicki Fitzpatrick urged farmers to consider giving back to the WA dairy industry and helping it to achieve its vision of a vibrant, profitable and ethical industry. 

A dairy farmer herself, Mrs Fitzpatrick acknowledged that operating a dairy business was time consuming but said doing a term on the Board was a good investment of time for farmers given the small size of the industry in WA and the opportunity for them to make a difference. 

“People always say it is not until they sit on the Western Dairy Board that they get the full appreciation of the suite of services that the organisation provides. Being a Director, you’ll gain insights into research projects and initiatives that are coming our way and you can help direct the future operations of the organisation,” she said. 

“I have watched Western Dairy grow and mature from when I was a full-time science professional working on projects funded by Western Dairy in its early days through to today being a dairy farmer myself. I really value its contribution to our business.”

Please note that nominations closed on Friday 18 October 2019.

Download the Western Dairy AGM Notice here

For more information, contact executive officer Esther Jones, esther@westerndairy.com.au or 0418 931 938.


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