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Reminders from our regional extension staff

In Australian dairy systems, calves are often fed for 10-12 weeks before weaning off milk. The period spent on milk is the most efficient time to drive higher average daily gains (adg). A focus on maximising milk intake in the first four weeks can set a calf up for life. After this, the calf will be starting to develop its rumen and increase intake of concentrates. Some farmers will feed up to 15-20% of body weight to support weaning calves at three times their birth weight by 10-12 weeks. More information about accelerated growth can be found by listening to this podcast on Rearing Healthy Calves

The critical word for early calf feeding is CONSISTENCY. This relates to volume fed; total solids fed; frequency of feeds; time of feeds and milk temperature. Any changes need to be done gradually over at least 1-2weeks.

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