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Dairy Australia announces additional 2019 Board Nominee

Dairy Australia announces an additional Board nominee standing for election at the 2019 Annual General Meeting, following the closure of nominations last Friday 30 August.

Mark Neal is standing for election for the first time. Mark is from a dairy farming background in Australia and trained as an agricultural economist at the University of Sydney. He has worked in farm profitability analysis and farm systems economic modelling and design. He has participated in a number of large university research projects and has strong industry links in Australasia and overseas. He has authored numerous publications in the area of profitable dairy farming and currently works as a Dairy Systems Specialist at DairyNZ.

His nomination has been supported by signatures from at least 100 Group A members of Dairy Australia, which is an alternative path to election as a Director under Dairy Australia’s Constitution outside of the Board Selection Committee nomination process.

There are three Board vacancies this year for Directors to fill finance and governance, milk producer and research and development positions. As previously advised, the Board has endorsed three candidates for these positions, with support from an independent executive search firm:

  • Josephine Rozman has been nominated for the finance and governance position.
  • Jeff Odgers (Chair of Dairy Australia and standing for re-election) has been nominated for
    the milk producer position.
  • Professor Paul Wood AO (standing for re-election) has been nominated for the research and development position.

Following Mark Neal’s nomination by the required minimum of 100 Group A members and in line with the Constitution, the Board Selection Committee has determined, based on his skills and experience, that he will also be standing for the research and development position which Professor Wood is also standing for.

Professor Wood AO has over thirty years’ experience in agricultural R&D and having been successful as a research scientist and R&D leader, Paul is internationally recognised for his work in veterinary immunology and vaccine development and for his leadership on a number of boards both within Australia and internationally.

To be successfully elected into the three vacant Director roles, each nominee will require more than 50 per cent of the votes cast at the Annual General Meeting to be held in November.

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