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Most New Years resolutions have failed by mid-February.   But with the great courses and learning opportunities on offer this year by DairyTas, getting involved in your dairy industry is one resolution that cannot fail.  There is something for everyone.

Interested in making sure you are feeding your cows so that they are reaching their best potential, then the Nutrition Fundamentals and Advanced Nutrition Courses are for you.
February 19 & 20 will see the Nutrition Fundamentals course run in the North East. This course helps you with building the fundamentals of dairy cow nutrition into your knowledge banks. The free 2-day course will help you to understand how a rumen works, how nutrition helps with managing herd fertility, health, production and profitability. Register now here

For those of you who want more than just fundamental animal nutrition knowledge the Advanced Nutrtion In Action Course will be offered in Tasmanian this year.
This 8-day course will commence and 13 March with the first session and will then have three 2-day sessions every 5 to 6 weeks after that finishing with the final session in October. This course is quite in depth and participants will need to pass a qualifying quiz before participating in the course. The course will also cost $1,500 per person (less for a second person from a business registers). To find out more about the course contact Liz on 0428 121 655 or register here.

At the end of February we will have John Mulvany in the state presenting a few different courses.
Commencing on February 25 will be the first day of the Dairy Business Analysis Course in the North East. This course provides you with the opportunity to improve your already successful business (without having to get bigger). John’s knowledge of how great businesses work and how you can go from good to great is fantastic. This course is not to be missed. Register here

While John is here the YDN and TIA discussion groups will also take advantage of his wealth of knowledge. TIA will hold a combined Yolla and North-West discussion group meeting with John on February 27. While the North West YDN groups will get the opportunity to hear about the vast opportunities that exist for them at an evening session with John on February 28th. Registration for this event can be made here

For those in our industry who are considering their options for easing back on their day to day involvement in dairy farming John will also be presenting while here a one day workshop called Stepping Back – Business Transition during the day on February 28. This workshop lays out the different options that are available to those who are wishing to transition to another lifestyle. This course will not provide all the answers of succession planning or business transitions, but it starts you thinking on what options are available to you and what just might work for you and your circumstances. Register here

In addition to these DairyTas programs TasTAFE will be running Cups On Cups Off Courses and TIA will be running their regular discussion groups across the state.
Like I said at the start there is plenty going on that means you can get involved and stay involved in your industry. So get out there and get involved.

To see a full list of our events click on this link



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