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July 3, 2018


Dairyfarmers across the state are being encouraged to revisit their effluent business practices to ensure they are compliant.

Monique White from DairySA says that a good effluent management plan is paramount to running a strong, healthy business – and there’s plenty of help available to achieve this.

“DairySA is committed to working with the State’s dairyfarmers to reach best practice when managing effluent,” she said.

“We recognise that this can be challenging - but DairySA is there to help farmers achieve this goal,” Monique added.

The SA dairy industry has developed a range of resources that are designed to assist dairy farmers with their effluent management plan – from initial set up to ongoing management. The newly launched DairySA website houses many SA-relevant manuals detailing good effluent management.

The ‘Dairying For Tomorrow’ website – an initiative of Dairy Australia - also has a selection of videos on a range of topics including effluent system set up, minimising volume and managing storage levels, and the value of effluent.

To reduce the risk of complaints or a review by the EPA, Monique encourages dairy farmers to ensure effluent is not discharged onto roads or stormwater drains, adhere to setback distances from neighbouring properties, minimise odour, and maintain backup systems.

But according to Monique, whilst the Environmental Protection Authority regularly monitor and audit effluent management for compliance with legislation, it should not be the motivating factor for farmers.

“It’s important to remember that effluent is in fact a valuable farm product – and with advances in technology it is easier to manage, reducing time and hassle involved,” Monique said.

“It has the two-fold effect of minimising environmental risks and optimising agronomic benefits,” she said.

“With good environmental management being important to dairy consumers, and by thinking of effluent as a valuable resource for your business, there are plenty of motivators to ensure best practice,” she added.

Dairyfarmers who are looking to redesign or upgrade their effluent system can contact an accredited effluent designer who can assist with meeting current EPA requirements.

“We encourage dairyfarmers to contact a member of the DairySA team if they have any queries about their effluent management – we’d be happy to assist,” Monique said.

Further information can be found at the following websites:

Dairying for Tomorrow 

DairySA Land Water Carbon


For further information contact DairySA Monique White 0400972206 or monique@dairysa.com.au


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