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An updated guide for dairy farmers in the Murray Dairy region

Murray Dairy is working with industry partners to deliver programs to dairy farmers across northern Victoria and southern NSW in response to dry conditions. Our Programs and Services guide for dairy farmers (updated December 2019) contains details of the programs on offer.

It includes information to:

  • Access funding from State and Federal governments for drought-preparedness infrastructure, business investment and household expenses
  • Sit down with a trained consultant or a nutritionist for a free business planning session which could include: reviewing your financials; cash budgeting; feed and water budgeting; developing a ration; assessing your options; making herd decisions, or any other area you want to focus on.
  • Connect with Rural Financial Counsellors who can assist with funding applications to reduce the administration for you
  • Find opportunities for upskilling and reskilling through the Rural Skills Connect (GMID) program, which may help to diversify your income and ease cashflow pressure
  • Attend one of Murray Dairy’s seasonal workshops or access resources online for information from the experts about how you can prepare your farm and manage your herd to maintain productivity

If you would like more information on the programs listed in this document, please contact the provider or get in touch with the Murray Dairy team.

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