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Geoff Dahl (USA) will visit the region with new research on heat stress in dairy cows

With summer conditions on the way, US animal science expert, Geoff Dhal, is visiting Australia to discuss the impact of heat stress on dry cow performance, calf health and growth.

An Animal Science Professor from the University of Florida, Dr Dahl conducts research on animal production to optimise cow health and performance.

Dr Dahl’s research has found that heat stress during late gestation has a significant effect on cow health before and after birth and on their calves’ development.

In addition to impaired immune function during the transition period, heat stress during the dry period adversely affects mammary gland development.

Dr Dahl will discuss the importance of keeping cows cool in dry times. At two on-farm workshops he will offer practical advice for managing the herd to reduce heat stress. The focus of these workshops is on low-cost solutions, not on expensive infrastructure.

“With a dry summer forecast for 2018-19, it’s important that dairy farmers are prepared to manage heat stress in their herd” said Lisa Birrell, Regional Extension Officer at Murray Dairy.

“By maintaining good herd health and performance, farmers will get better production outcomes, which will help with the tight season” she said.

Murray Dairy invites all farmers to workshops on 22 October in Deniliquin and 23 October in Bamawm. There will also be an evening presentation for service providers on 22 October in Shepparton. Click for details. 

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