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New Dairy Matters campaign answers consumers’ questions

Public expectations of the food industry are changing and socially-conscious consumers are increasingly asking questions about their food and where it comes from.

Leaning into conversations that exist around our industry will help to maintain community trust, ultimately contributing to the long term sustainability of the dairy industry.

Dairy Australia has committed to providing transparent and credible information to highly engaged consumers through the new Dairy Matters campaign.

Dairy Matters is highlighting the industry’s values and standards and demonstrates that we understand public expectations. The campaign answers consumer questions on the healthiness of dairy foods, animal welfare, as well as environmental and social concerns.

Dairy Matters launched in April 2019 with ads across TV, cinema, websites and social media, highlighting industry’s values, standards and commitments. The ads focus on core themes including animal care, environment, health and nutrition and community.

A new consumer website dairy.com.au was also launched, which tells the real story about our products and how they’re produced. The centrepiece of the website is a section called ‘You Ask, We Answer’ which uses the latest research and industry expert to answer consumer questions and address confusion.

The Dairy Matters communications approach and website are also accompanied by a comprehensive engagement program with key health influencers including dietitians and GPs.

More information

Find out more about Dairy Matters and view the answers to common questions consumers have about dairy in the You Ask, We Answer section.

Get involved
You can support Dairy Matters by:

  • Sharing posts from the new @AustralianDairy Facebook page
  • Submit any curly questions you get asked about the industry using the ‘You Ask, We Answer’ section of the website
  • Tell us your story. We’re looking for case studies to help demonstrate our industry’s commitments towards a sustainable future. Get in touch via questions@dairy.com.au

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