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Dairy Australia welcomes Heart Foundation’s new advice on regular fat dairy products

Dairy Australia welcomes Heart Foundation’s new advice on regular fat dairy products

Dairy Australia has welcomed new advice from the Heart Foundation yesterday which says regular fat milk, yoghurt and cheese are healthy options for Australians. Read more

22/08/2019, 16:12PM

Pasture trials harvest rewards

Pasture trials harvest rewards

Western Dairy’s latest independent pasture trials and demonstrations are bigger than ever and helping inform the seed choices of Western Australia’s dairy farmers. Read more

13/08/2019, 13:12PM

Top milk in Cow Town

Top milk in Cow Town

Dairy enthusiasm does not get any bigger than in the Western Australian hamlet of Cowaramup, where cows are worshipped, in art and in life. Read more

12/08/2019, 19:31PM

Dairy Australia announces 2019 Board Nominees

Dairy Australia announces 2019 Board Nominees

Dairy Australia has announced the three Board nominees standing for election at the 2019 Annual General Meeting to be held in November. Read more

12/08/2019, 12:42PM

New water videos

New water info videos now online

We've added two more videos to the popular Water Toolkit series Read more

06/08/2019, 16:19PM

August Seasonal Update

August Action Plan

Three actions for August, suggested by our presenters at this year's Seasonal Updates Read more

05/08/2019, 14:22PM

Milk Quality Awards 2019

Milk Quality Awards 2019

Hear from the Murray region's Chris Hibberson about his focus on milk quality Click here.

05/08/2019, 12:00PM

Milk Quality Awards 2019

Australia’s top 100 dairy farmers for milk quality named

Dairy farmers producing Australia’s best quality milk have been named in Dairy Australia’s 2019 Milk Quality Awards. The awards recognise farmers who produce the nation’s best milk based on bulk milk cell count (BMCC). Read more

31/07/2019, 11:38AM

New Zealand Effluent Expo

New Zealand Effluent Expo Trip 2019 - come join us!

The River Health Action Plan Project funded through NRM North, in conjunction with DairyTas, is pleased to be supporting farmers and service providers to attend 2019 NZ Effluent Expo Read more

25/07/2019, 18:24PM

WestVic Dairy Board nominations

WestVic Dairy Board nominations

The Board is currently calling for nominations to join the team of eight and to help drive future programs and assist the local industry during this challenging time. Read more

25/07/2019, 14:48PM

Meet Roxy Schoof

Meet Roxy Schoof

For as long as she can remember, Roxy Schoof has milked cows and reared calves. Read more

22/07/2019, 17:45PM

Seasonal updates 2019

Murray Seasonal Updates 2019-20

Get the latest information and forecasts for dairy in the Murray region Read more

19/07/2019, 17:22PM

Ladies Luncheon 2019

Ladies Luncheon 2019

The ever-popular South West Dairy Ladies Luncheon will be held on August 14th at Deakin University, Warrnambool. Read more

19/07/2019, 13:42PM

Man working on dairy farm in Australia

Attracting skilled labour a priority for dairy

The dependency on skilled labour and attracting people to a career in dairy continues to be a priority with an additional 800 employees needed on Australian dairy farms by 2023. Read more

17/07/2019, 10:00AM

Feeding young minds

Feeding young minds

Western Australian dairy trainee Aiden Walsham swapped his muddy boots for a clean pair this month to walk into the Dairy Research Foundation Symposium in Bega, New South Wales. Read more

16/07/2019, 19:04PM

Focus Farm Evening

"Focus on Finance and the Future"

Failing to Plan equals Planning to Fail - Come along to the Focus Farm evening on Wednesday 24th July! Read more

04/07/2019, 14:07PM

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