Does my dairy farm need a footbath

Footbaths can be an effective tool to minimise the risk of bringing disease onto a property from contaminated footwear. However, the use of footbaths needs to be combined with other biosecurity measures. For footbaths to be effective, it is critical that you: 

  • Use an effective chemical/decontamination agent.
  • Follow manufacturer’s directions and ensure the concentration of disinfectant is correct.
  • Regularly refresh footbaths based on usage or lifespan of the chemical. 

Importantly, contamination with mud, manure or dirt, will reduce the effectiveness of the chemical. 

Which product should I use? 

The APVMA Permit PER83649 lists disinfectant products which may be issued and includes details on the situations, rates, and cautionary statements for chemicals listed as suitable for treatment of equipment, fabric and surfaces in case of an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD). 

How can I set up an effective on-farm footbath?  

Watch the practical how-to video for cleaning and disinfecting footwear on farm below. 

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