Checking in on your farm financials

By Helen Quinn, Farm Business Economics Manager

With the end of financial year approaching, now is the time to be prepared by knowing your farm’s financial performance and the kinds of changes you can make to better manage input costs and improve profitability.


Dairy farmers know that conducting an annual analysis of farm business performance is essential and helps equip them to make better informed decisions to drive profitability. We want to ensure that we are supporting our farmers to be on the front foot and assist them to better understanding their farm business performance and managing their farm costs.


Dairy Australia works across all regions to support farmers to make even better decisions that increase profit and wealth over time. We want to help farmers to achieve their long-term business and personal goals and part of this is by providing access to farm business performance tools such as Farm Business Snapshot, DairyBase and offering programs such as our flagship program Our Farm, Our Plan.


Farm Business Snapshot


This is the best first step for farmers to get started on analysing their dairy farm’s business performance. An easy to use, online tool – needing only a small amount of information – Farm Business Snapshot gives you an overview of the costs and income associated with running your farm business.


It is the starting point to know your numbers and identify opportunities to manage input costs.




This is a more comprehensive farm business analysis tool we offer, which is already helping over 1,800 dairy farmers analyse and benchmark their farm performance. DairyBase requires more information input and provides comprehensive cash, profit and wealth reports. It also compares your farm’s performance to the Dairy Farm Monitor Project benchmarks.


This benchmarking helps you better understand your performance relative to those in you region or similar farm business, so you can make informed decisions on how to enhance your profitability.


Our Farm, Our Plan


Our flagship program for long-term business and personal planning, is Our Farm, Our Plan. Already helping over 1,100 Australian dairy farmers identify their short- and long-term goals, improve business performance and manage risk, it all starts with a simple review and planning process to get your ideas down on paper and into action.


A lot has changed in 12 months – and now is the right time to check in on your farm business performance, find ways to manage your cost for production and mitigate financial risks to your business and plan goals for the long-term.


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