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The Western Dairy pasture trials include four individual trials and demonstrations made up of: The WA Seed Performance Trial (WASP), Pasture Trial Network (PTN), Grazing Management Demonstration ("Goldilocks Grazing") and Seed Mix Trial.


WA Seed Performance Trials (WASP)


What is WASP?  

  • An independently run, annual ryegrass trial over two sites (one replicating a milking platform in Dardanup, one replicating a support block in Boyanup) in the heart of WA's Dairy Region.   
  • A trial with the opportunity to compare all seed retailers products that are currently sold in WA.   
  • An independent economic analysis at the conclusion of the trial to highlight to Dairy Farmers the potential differences expressed in this trial.

Background information: WASP Background

Final results: WASP Results 2018 and Supporting results 2018

Final results: WASP Results 2017

Pasture Trial Network (PTN)

What is the PTN?

  • A National program designed to generate the Forage Value Index (FVI). 
  • The Forage Value Index (FVI) is a rating system that helps Australian dairy producers and their advisors to make more informed decisions when selecting ryegrass cultivars.
  • For further information on the FVI visit the Dairy Australia website
  • Results from the WA PTN Trial are sent directly to the National Database, and are not released locally. 


Grazing Management Demonstration "Goldilocks Grazing"

  • Putting the test best grazing management with plots being grazed to the ideal residual, over grazed, under grazed and grazed too early. To assess the performance of pasture production over the growing season. 

Background information: Goldilocks Grazing Demonstration

Final results: Goldilocks Grazing Final


Seed Mix Trial

  • Incorporating an oats and ryegrass seed mix, to assess the benefits of early grazed available fodder, and subsequent yield of the ryegrass over the growing season. 

Background information: Seed Mix Trial Background

Final results: Seed Mix Trial


Understanding the Seed Bag Tag: What are seed providers and seed testing bodies saying? Check your seed bag tag. This factsheet also features a comparison of certified results from germination tests of commercialised annual ryegrass varieties and brands in April 2019, as well as some simple tests that dairy farmers can try before investing in further seeds. 


Our Partners

Western Dairy would like to thank all the WASP Trial Partners for their contributions and support:


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The hay and grain report is commissioned by Dairy Australia to provide an independent and timely assessment of hay and grain markets in each dairying region. The report is updated 40 weeks per year.

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