Case Study

Farm System Evaluator Resources

Dairy Australia supports dairy farmers using the Farm System Evaluator with the following case studies that inform the development of a strategic investment plan for changing to a new farm system.

Formed feedpad

  • Purchasing a Mixer WagonPDF1.42 MB
  • Purchasing a Mixer wagon (12 months later)PDF233.48 KB
  • Mixer Wagon and Concrete TroughsPDF1.71 MB
  • Mixer Wagon and Troughs (12 months later)PDF363.5 KB

Concrete feedpad

  • Loose Housing with Compost Bedded Pack and LoafingPDF1.56 MB
  • Building a Concrete FeedpadPDF2.21 MB

Roofed feedpad or cattle shelter

  • Roofed Concrete FeedpadPDF1.22 MB
  • Cattle ShelterPDF1.29 MB
  • Cattle Shelter - Clear Plastic RoofPDF1.3 MB

Dairy dry lot

Loose housing

  • Loose Housing with Compost Bedding PackPDF1.8 MB
  • Loose Housing with Deep Litter PackPDF1.59 MB


  • Freestall with Sand BeddingPDF1.77 MB

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