Performance Report

Dairy Australia's Performance Report is a new approach to provide detailed information on the organisation's range of initiatives and investments on behalf of levy payers. It is an accompanying document to Dairy Australia's Annual Report 2018–19.

The report is presented for the interest of farmer levy payers and a range of industry and government stakeholders, notably those who partner with Dairy Australia in major project investments to support the productivity, profitability and sustainability of dairy farming in Australia.

In 2018–19 (FY19), Dairy Australia invested $58 million across 13 key program areas defined in its Strategic Plan (for the period FY17 to FY20) and FY19 Annual Operating Plan. This report provides an overview of Dairy Australia's performance across these programs and is based on its Evaluation Framework introduced in 2018. It is not an exhaustive list of all key metrics, but a compilation of some of the significant milestones and achievements in FY19.

Key group-level performance metrics are also outlined across different aspects of the organisation including financial, people, stakeholder satisfaction, technology and infrastructure and risk management.


DA 2018–19 Performance Report

Alongside the Annual Report, this report provides detailed information on Dairy Australia's initiatives and investments on behalf of levy payers.
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Annual Report

Dairy Australia Annual Report 2018–19

Dairy Australia's Annual Report for the 2018–19 financial year.
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Evaluation Framework

Dairy Australia's Evaluation Framework outlines the approach that Dairy Australia will take in monitoring the performance of its investments from initiation to completion.

Starting 2020/21, Dairy Australia has entered a new phase with the launch of the 2020-2025 strategy. This strategic plan sets out our priorities and outcomes to guide investment over the next five years.

Our revised evaluation framework will strengthen our ability to monitor and evaluate the outcomes achieved as a result of our investments. This will incorporate learnings from the previous evaluation framework and enhance the following aspects:

• Alignment with our new portfolio structure to allow better strategic focus.

• Metrics that cascade to be able to monitor from each strategic priority down to individual projects.

• Metrics that matter, with a greater focus on outcomes and lesser focus on activities.

• Further transparency, including quarterly publication of our performance summary.

Corporate Documents
Dairy Australia Evaluation Framework 2020-21

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