Webinar Program

The Dairy Manufacturing Webinar Program, now partnering with The University of Melbourne, offers Australian dairy manufacturers an innovative program of relevant topics and highly qualified presenters.

Over the past ten years, Dairy Australia has presented over 300 webinars, all of which have been designed to upskill Australian dairy manufacturers.
The webinars, together with their downloadable PDF’s, offer an exciting way to enhance knowledge. Additionally, webinar recordings can be viewed at a later date and utilised to train work groups.

Dairy manufacturers receive this invaluable training from Australian and international dairy experts, all professionals in their fields.
30 webinars are conducted annually. Typically, each webinar includes a 50-minute presentation followed by five to ten minutes of question time.

Webinar access is free for Australian dairy farmers.

2021/2022 Webinar season passes


12 month pass
(incl. GST)

6 month pass
(incl. GST)

Large companies (over 200 employees)



Medium companies (20-200 employees)



Individuals and Small companies (1-20 employees)



University students




Individual webinars can be accessed for $45. Webinar access is free for Australian dairy farmers.

Please email Jennifer Penfold to purchase a webinar season pass.

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