Dairy for Healthy Estuaries

The Dairy for Healthy Estuaries project supports WA dairy farmers with best-practice effluent management, optimising pasture growth by reusing effluent, and minimising nutrient losses to waterways and estuaries. 

The project is delivered in partnership with the WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and builds on the success of the long-running DairyCare project. 

Western Dairy can offer farmers technical advice, effluent system planning, effluent sampling, farm demonstration site tours and a range of communication tools that feature the latest effluent management innovation and technologies. 

These activities are aligned with the Code of Practice for Dairy Farm Effluent Management WA 2021, which sets clear standards based on the expectations of industry, government and the community.

How we support farmers

Effluent management plans: A customised plan for your farm that explores options to capture, treat and reuse this nutrient-rich resource.

Effluent system reviews: Determine if your system stacks up against the Code and what areas may need attention. Western Dairy’s goal is to support WA dairy farmers to move towards meeting the best-practice standards in the Code. 

Effluent sampling and nutrient analysis: Learn more about the phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium levels in your farm effluent. We can take a sample from your farm and have it analysed before helping you determine how best to optimise your pasture growth. 


  • Recycling Effluent for Yard Wash FactsheetPDF1.22 MB
  • Yard Wash Systems FactsheetPDF1.45 MB
  • Synthetic-lined Effluent Ponds FactsheetPDF1.31 MB
  • Effluent Irrigation Systems FactsheetPDF1.24 MB
  • Effluent Solids Separation System FactsheetPDF1.36 MB

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