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Western Dairy supports dairy farmers in the field of fertiliser, feeding systems and nutrient management.

Fertiliser, Feed and Nutrients

Western Dairy helps WA dairy farmers access national research in the field of fertiliser, feeding systems and nutrient management.

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    Western Dairy’s quarterly publication The Feed Trough is a timely collection of practical articles that are focused on providing information to support your feedbase and animal nutrition.

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    Are you farming a ryegrass dominant pasture?

    Do you still have a substantial level of closer in the sward? To avoid a decline in the close content, you must have a DM level of 2%.

    WA’s dryland dairy pastures

    South west’s sandy soils demand smarter use of fertilisers. We know that in WA subsoil leaching means pastures are prone to potassium deficiency.

    Western Dairy supports your knowledge base with tips.

    Potassium deficient ryegrass has a lower metabolisable energy content, so to get the most out of your home grown feed, it’s worth following …..

    When to do Plant testing

    • Do your plant testing at the three leaf stage, just prior to grazing

    Soil testing

    • We don’t recommend soil testing for K content, it’s been proven to be an unreliable indicator for DM responses in ryegrass.

    Minimum K content

    • Aim of 1.5% dry matter (DM) in ryegrass dominant swards
    • Aim for 2% DM K content for clover tissue tests, because clover has a higher K requirement than ryegrass

    Application of fertiliser

    • Potassium fertiliser should be applied with nitrogen and sulphur in multiple applications after each grazing

    Western Dairy promotes smarter user of fertilisers, a philosophy that is especially critical in our sandy soils of the south west.

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    Western Dairy supports dairy farmers to optimise the management of their dairy effluent through our Dairy Care Program including on-farm effluent system reviews by our team. To schedule a review of your farm's effluent system please contact Sam Taylor at sam@agvivo.com.au.  Or find out more about what we offer as part of Dairy Care.

    Review industry best practise, download these information sheets: 

    WA Dairy Shed Effluent Management Guidelines (PDF, 2.5MB)

    WA Water Minimisation Guidelines (PDF, 185KB)




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