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WestVic Dairy delivers dairy extension activities and programs to farmers and industry stakeholders in our region.

About WestVic Dairy 

WestVic Dairy is the Regional Development Program (RDP) for the western Victorian dairy region and delivers dairy extension activities and programs. The primary funding for our work is through Dairy Australia and the dairy service levy.

Our vision for our region is:

"A profitable, positive and valuable dairy industry in western Victoria."

Our work is to help advance the dairy industry in our region by delivering on our mission:

 "With effective engagement, we will build confidence in our industry by enabling farmers to operate responsible and progressive businesses through quality research, development and extension."

This mission is delivered through extension planning, co-ordination and delivery that benefit western Victorian farmers. By focusing on promoting best practice procedures, new ideas in dairy and technology, dairy farmers are better equipped to manage their farm businesses in a quickly changing climatic and economic environment.

The WestVic Dairy Board of Directors is comprised of elected members – a majority of local farmers, as well as industry service providers.

The WestVic Dairy staff are a team of professionals in extension, drawn from across the region, with extensive knowledge and experience in dairy farming.  


Our Farm, Our Plan

Our Farm, Our Plan is a new program designed to equip farmers to clarify their long term goals, identify the actions needed and to manage uncertainty and risk.

Hay and grain reports

The hay and grain report is commissioned by Dairy Australia to provide an independent and timely assessment of hay and grain markets in each dairying region. The report is updated 40 weeks per year.

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