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Guide for investors: The WestVic Dairy region

There is a powerful business case for establishing a dairy farm business in south-west Victoria.

Why invest in the south-west Victorian dairy industry?

  • There are opportunities to convert red meat properties in ‘dairy’ country into dairy farms and secure a developer’s premium.
  • The region is close to ports, offering lower transports costs for imported goods such as fertiliser and exports such as livestock.
  • Domestic supply accounts for 70% of the milk in the region.
  • Investors considering processing their own milk have a market of four million people two hours away in Melbourne.

This WestVic Dairy report complements Dairy Australia's national report, 'A guide for investment and the Australian dairy industry'.


Dairy Farming in SW Victoria Investor Guide

A guide for investors looking to enter the market in SW Victoria dairy farming
Manufacturing and Trade
Fact Sheet

Investment and dairy industry guide

An overview of the Australian dairy industry for potential investors.
Manufacturing and Trade
Budgeting and finance

Investment and the Australian dairy industry


  • The dairy industry continues to be one of Australia's most important agricultural industries, with a farmgate production value of $4.4 billion.
  • Australian dairy employs approximately 46,200 people directly – on dairy farms and in manufacturing.
  • Dairy Australia has published a comprehensive guide for farmers and investors.

Learn about the range of programs and opportunities Dairy Australia invests in on your behalf across the supply chain and how they align with our three strategic objectives: profitable dairy farms, capable people, and a trusted dairy industry.

Continued investment from a range of sources is vital to ensure that the Australian dairy industry continues to enhance its contribution to incomes, infrastructure and employment and can capture the opportunities that exist for its participants.

Australian dairy investment

Globally, Australian dairy currently:

  • Ranks fourth in total dairy trade volumes with a 6% share.
  • Exports 35% of national milk production, at a value of $3.2 billion each year.

Australia's key export markets are:

  • Japan
  • China
  • South East Asia.

Why invest in dairy?

Capital investment in the dairy sector can increase efficiency and production capacity and contribute to incomes, infrastructure and employment.

The future of dairy depends on building a sustainable industry vision through investment across the dairy supply chain, particularly on-farm.

Advantages of the Australian dairy industry in a global context:

  • Focus on sustainability to ensure profitable growth of supply of dairy product to export markets.
  • Most flexible farming systems to adapt to variable climates farmers operate on pasture-based systems with supplementary feeding providing a more consistent supply of high quality milk.
  • Dairy food safety record is second to none.
  • Renowned for developing innovative processes and product options for manufacturers and new technology and systems for farmers.

Austrade's Guide to Investing in Australia

For further information please see Austrade's Guide to Investing in Australia


  • Guide to investment and Australian dairy industry

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  • Dairy farming in SW Victoria investor guide

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