What We Do

Dairy Australia invests the dairy service levy to deliver benefits to farmers and protect the right to farm.

This includes:

  • Enhancing farm business management

  • Responding to critical events

  • Supporting employment needs

  • Driving herd and pasture innovation

  • Managing climate and environment

  • Promoting dairy products and the industry

  • Growing international markets

  • Contributing to policy outcomes

  • Strengthening organisational capability to support innovation.

We provide services to farmers in eight dairying regions across the country: DairyNSW, DairySA, DairyTas, GippsDairy, Murray Dairy, Subtropical Dairy, Western Dairy, and WestVic Dairy.

Dairy Australia delivers to dairy farmers in many different ways:

Enhancing farm business management 

We provide farmers with access to business planning and risk management tools, insights to improve profitability, and support for on-farm decision making.

Supporting employment needs 

We promote industry career opportunities and provide farmers with staff hire, management and skill building to make sure their employees are successful. 

Driving herd and pasture innovation

We deliver on-farm gains as a result of research into improving genetics of pasture and cattle, providing valuable data to inform farm business decision making. 

Managing climate and environment 

We deliver initiatives for efficiency of major farm inputs, such as water and energy and supporting action on-farm to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Promoting dairy products and the industry 

We build community trust and support for Australian dairy by promoting the health credentials of dairy, the quality of our products, and reinforcing our broader commitment to sustainability.  

Growing international markets

Improving market access while building and maintaining strong international trade relationships.

Contributing to policy outcomes

We support policy development in areas of critical importance to the industry - particularly water security, climate change, energy, workforce/labour access, and animal welfare.

Annual Report

For more information about how Dairy Australia invests your levy, read the Dairy Australia Annual Report.

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