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The detailed guide for investors, the compelling case for investing in Western Victorian dairy.

Investment opportunities in the WestVic dairy region

There’s a powerful business case for establishing a dairy farm business in south west Victoria.

Why invest in the south west Victorian dairy industry?

  • Opportunities to convert red meat properties in ‘dairy’ country into dairy farms and secure a developer’s premium
  • Thirteen milk processors (2017) compete to buy milk. Processing capacity, for the past few years, has exceeded supply
  • Close to ports offering lower haulage fees for imported goods (e.g. fertiliser) and exports (e.g. livestock).
  • 70% of the milk in the region is used for domestic supply
  • Investors considering processing their own milk have a market of four million people two hours away in Melbourne

Please note this WestVic report complements Dairy Australia's national report, 'A guide for investment and the Australian dairy industry'.

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Download A Guide for Investors: Dairy farming in South West Victoria

Learn more at Dairy Australia, Investment and the Australian dairy industry and download the national Australian dairy industry investment guide.


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