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Technical Research Studies

Dairy Australia supports the development of resources to assist Australian manufacturers improve performance and make more informed business decisions.

We endeavour to help the manufacturing sector keep abreast of emerging technologies in order to accelerate adoption where it makes good business sense. We also undertake collaborative research with strong industry-wide potential.

A selection of recent Dairy Australia publications aimed at improving Australian dairy manufacturer performance is provided below.

  • Energy Options Assessment Fact Sheet

    PDF387.9 KB
  • Whey to Energy Fact Sheet

    PDF171.69 KB
  • Increasing Recycled Plastic in Milk Bottles Fact Sheet

    PDF110.55 KB
  • Ecoefficiency for the Dairy Processing Industry

    PDF5.66 MB
  • Anaerobic Digestion in Dairy Processing

    PDF1.89 MB
  • Saline Wastes in Nothern Victoria Management Strategy

    PDF1.36 MB
  • Opportunities for Reducing cost of Waste

    PDF896.24 KB
  • Opportunities for Reducing GHG Intensity Final

    PDF1.59 MB
  • Opportunities to Reduce Water Intensity

    PDF1.09 MB
  • Proximate Composition of Dairy Products

    PDF2.64 MB

Access the Knowledge Portal for more publications and resources.

A 2019 map of the main Australian dairy manufacturing sites can also be found below.

  • Dairy Manufacturers Map - December 2019

    PDF365.49 KB

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