Farm System Resources

Understanding the complexities involved in changing to a new farm system helps dairy farmers to make informed decisions.

The following farmer case studies capture the journey of making farm system changes, including feeding and housing infrastructure, to support both grazing and intensive animal production.

Grazing Animal Production

Formed earthen feedpad

  • Purchasing a Mixer wagon (12 months later)PDF233.48 KB
  • Mixer Wagon and Troughs (12 months later)PDF363.5 KB

Roofed concrete feedpad

  • Roofed Concrete Feedpad case study with Stuart CrosthwaitePDF1.16 MB

Cattle shelters

  • Complementing grazing systems in winter with Simon ReaPDF1.18 MB
  • Adding flexibility in grazing systems with Joide HayPDF710.06 KB
  • The case for an effective design with Andrew TylerPDF1.33 MB

Intensive Animal Production

Dairy dry lot

  • Achieving farm expansion goals with Reagan & Sherrie HamiltonPDF1.47 MB

Loose housing

  • Planning for animal welfare and business flexibility with David ChristiePDF1.29 MB
  • Driving productivity and cow comfort with Victoria MulachyPDF1.29 MB
  • Finding efficiencies with the Redgrove FamilyPDF2.21 MB


  • Bringing consistency for daily farm management with Wark WalpolePDF1.61 MB

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