Intensive Farm Systems Economics

When climate change affects dairy market volatility in the future, dairy farm businesses may need to transition to a zero grazing or total mixed ration system, which require different skills from pasture-based systems and significant capital investment.

Dairy Australia has developed the following resources to support farmers with understanding the cost structures and drivers that can make such systems profitable.

Research and reports
  • Economics of Total Mixed Ration Dairy Feeding Systems 2024PDF3.65 MB
Case studies
  • Freestalls - Jade & Belinda Clymo - Calivi VICPDF745.32 KB
  • Loose Housing - Allanby Pastoral - Bamawm VICPDF990.66 KB
  • Loose Housing - Richard & Emma Coombes - Manilla NSWPDF608.89 KB
  • Loose Housing - Ian & Karen Litchfield - Mayrung NSWPDF686.12 KB

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