Subtropical Dairy Board

The Subtropical Dairy Board meets 11 times per year with five face to face meetings and six online meetings.

Subtropical Dairy is managed by a skills based, nine-member Board with support from a full time Executive Officer.

The Board comprises:

  • Minimum 4 and maximum 5 dairy farmers, one of whom must be the Chair and must be members of Dairy Australia.

  • Minimum 3, maximum 4 persons with complementary industry skills as determined by the operational and strategic needs of the Board at the time of appointment.

Board members are appointed for a three year term and can renominate at the conclusion of their term.

An industry-led selection panel is appointed each year to interview and select candidates for any Board vacancies. The selection panel is chaired by the Subtropical Dairy Chair or Vice Chair.

The Chair is a non-voting member of the panel.

For more information visit the Northern Australian Dairy Hub website.

Subtropical Dairy Board Members

Paul Weir, Chairman
Farmer Director
Far North Coast, New South Wales

Luke Stock, Vice Chairman
Farmer Director
Lockyer Valley, South East Queensland

Ian Hollindale, Independent Director
Gold Coast, Queensland

Bill Tranter, Independent Director
Malanda, Far North Queensland

Cameron Whitson, Independent Director
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Ruth Chalk, Farmer Director
South East Queensland

Rob Cooper, Independent Director
Mid North Coast, New South Wales

Paul Judge, Farmer Director
Darling Downs

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