Subtropical Dairy Young Dairy Network

The Young Dairy Network provides opportunities for young people looking to develop their skills and create valuable connections to further their career in dairy. 

More than 2,500 young dairy professionals have joined the Young Dairy Network – gaining access to training, farm walks, social events, workshops, leadership programs, industry connections and more.

Get involved

The Subtropical Dairy Young Dairy Network is expansive, with more than 400 members spread across the northern Australian dairy regions from Kempsey in New South Wales to the Atherton Tableland in Queensland.

It helps its members develop professionally – while ensuring they are supported nationally via a forum for sharing information, exchanging ideas and staying connected.

This valuable initiative is for people aged: 16 – 40 who are:

  1. New to dairying

  2. New to the industry

  3. Local farmers

  4. Local dairy service providers.

By joining, you will connect with other young dairy professionals, established farmers, and industry service providers – helping you move forward in the industry.

Activities are delivered by our coordinators and include:

  • Training and workshops

  • Farm walks and study tours

  • Social events

  • Discussion groups.

About the Young Dairy Network

The aim of the Subtropical Dairy YDN is to provide encouragement, support and opportunities for young farmers and professionals to develop the technical knowledge and skills they require to make informed decisions in their business; build the communication and leadership skills they require to fulfil key roles in the dairy industry and community; and communicate and build relationships with key industry, agribusiness and government contacts that can assist them to develop their businesses.

To create a supportive network environment where young dairy farmers and professionals can act autonomously, share challenges and successes, inspire one another to grow and develop their businesses and boost morale through challenging periods.

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